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Absorbing the Deeper Transmission

“Read … but be aware that reading absorbs the mind in thoughts, which are like clouds covering the Self. Worse, the words can cause confusion, and the Self is totally lost. Rather, immerse yourself in the VIBRATION, in the Power of the words and absorb their deeper transmission.”

Ramana Maharshi


Abide in The Self

“Note that, as Ramana states here… “Relative knowledge pertains to the mind and not to the Self. It is therefore illusory and not permanent. Take a scientist, for instance. He formulates a theory that the Earth is round and goes on to prove it on an incontrovertible basis. When he falls asleep the whole idea vanishes; his mind is left a blank. What does it matter whether the world remains round or flat when he is asleep? So you see the futility of all such relative knowledge. One should go beyond relative knowledge and abide in the Self. Real knowledge is such experience, and not apprehension by the mind.” ~ ‘Talks with Ramana Maharshi’


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