Touching Lives With Healing

Kind Words & Praise For Deeya Siddhi's Work

“Every one of us have inside of us the innate, Infinite power to heal and help another through the impact of our LOVE” ~ Deeya Siddhi

“When I visited Deeya for the first time, I was a self-confessed physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, shipwreck! The specialist techniques she used to alleviate my state were not only highly effective and incredibly fast but were delivered in a manner and atmosphere of absolute support and kindness.”

Mark, UK

“The next day…” (after a distant healing transmission ) “…I woke up feeling more supple and the crack in my lower back which I heard every morning for the last 13 years was no more. The experience strengthened my interest in the technique and I am looking forward to learning more.”

Peter, UK

“I cannot thank Deeya enough for the true and genuine compassion she demonstrated during the healing transmissions. I can only say that life definitely has taken on a whole new meaning and purpose since we met. I feel transformed on every level. I highly recommend her to others in need of comfort, healing and guidance.”

Cynthia, UK

“Angels enter our lives in awesome ways! You are an Angel of peace and love Deeya! Thank you.”

 Pamela Putnam

“I wish to thank you for playing a HUGE part in my spiritual development. For years, I’ve been self-guided (intuitively) through channeled teachings, mantras, mudras & sacred sounds. When I joined you, I did not know what to expect which is a great thing. From you, I learned what was required to move me  forward into the next stage of my journey. Just being on this website, I can feel powerful energy, which fills my heart & connects me to Oneness. You teach the power of love through the I AM & true healing takes place.”

Wan, Lai

“WOW!!! What incredible meditations. I finally had the chance to listen to the “I Am That” meditation again. This will now be one of my favorite meditations. To be in the space of knowing that we are all connected to EVERYTHING and to EVERYONE. So… how can we ever be in conflict with someone or something else again without knowing now that we are in conflict with ourselves as well. This takes LOVING ourselves and others to a whole new desire, a whole new dimension. I love the feeling of being without physical boundaries, flowing and moving and BEING with all there IS. Thank you for this gift Deeya. In Light, Love, and Boundless appreciation.”

Ann Taylor

“I don’t know how I can thank you for all your help and support and that you’ve even been there for my dogs, though I didn’t even ask you directly. Your Presence soothes me and makes me feel less alone. You remind me that sometime before, even though there have been times when I was struggling, I knew and felt that I am Light. Your Light guides me through the darkness until I will be aware that all that is is Light and Love and that the Source is within, everlastingly. I wholeheartedly thank you.”

Nadine, Germany

“I have been continuing to do the meditations and the difference in my feeling of serenity is dramatic from when I started. I now crave meditating which I never thought possible. I see light in a different way as well as light as a feeling instead of just seeing it.”


“Dear Deeya, I was doing the meditation with Love this morning and directing it towards the object that I was advised to develop and all of a sudden this beautiful yellow light came into the picture and overshadowed my object. This new yellow light was very very bright nothing like I have ever seen before and the love radiating from it was just filling my heart with overfilling Love. Well Deeya, heck I don’t even know you, yet know that that wonderful warm yellow light and all that Love was radiating from you. ‘You are the light of the world’. God I felt like I found my true ‘home’ in God with all your warmth. I couldn’t figure out why I even bought airline tickets to attend the Retreat until this happened.  I am coming to see you and feel that deep, unlimited, unquestionable, life changing LOVE that radiates from your Heart. Thank you for sharing this with me.”

Deepest Love S.

“During the meditation, you asked us to close our eyes and listen to your voice. I was ready to follow your guidance, but something strange happened. Your words became a blur and I knew somehow I was no longer really listening… I felt and saw my body “crumble” as if it was becoming ashes, bit by bit from the tips of my fingers further up my arms and so on. I continued to “turn into dust” this way until my body was completely gone. Then I felt a sudden “swoosh” pulling me very quickly from this world, up, up into another plane… It all happened within seconds and I saw our planet disappearing beneath me, tiny as a tennis ball. I was floating somehow in a warm, soothing, safe space. Surrounded by darkness. No feelings, no emotions, no thoughts. I was merely just a presence! An awareness in itself. It felt as though I was back at the beginning. I was the essence … I have never experienced anything like this before and just wanted to thank you, for helping me on my journey towards Self discovery!”


“I’m forever grateful for Deeya’s healing work with my sister Liz. It was amazing to sit with and watch Deeya as she worked on an energetic level thousands of miles away over Skype. Liz had had a massive stroke, she had lost the use of her arm and couldn’t even pick up her medication or hold anything with her left hand. She was having trouble walking and even had to use a walker with help. She was also having severe pain in the chest area. The doctors told us my sister was very close to death. Before long, however, Liz was walking up the hall without the walker, without assistance, as if nothing had happened to her! She was able to lift her left arm above her head and even hold a cup of coffee.  I couldn’t believe the difference. As Deeya worked, Liz’s pain completely vanished. I just couldn’t believe the difference in my sister from an hour before Deeya worked on her. It was a miracle and, remarkably, Liz was discharged from the hospital the next day. Forever grateful.”

Tina, Canada

“My original intention was to develop my perceptive abilities and use them in a healing context but I’m finding that the important thing is in discovering more about ME and my true nature.  By doing these exercises, I’m finding that I can bring more quietude and spaciousness into my life and learn or relearn how to FEEL in a higher order.”



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