The Collective Power of Our Love

A “depressed and very anxious” member of Our Community is helped through the Collective Power of Our Love. And by the Grace of Our Maha Shivratri Event.

“Thank you. I now feel very naturally happy, healthy, and positive. Not like some profuse amount of healing energy which surrounds, like a protective bubble temporarily and then it fuses with my prevalent energy and lifts it some notch higher. But a wonderful, grounded and uplifting very balanced, joyous and calm, alertness. There is enthusiasm and mindfulness and it feels like I got in touch with my inner sky. My perception is unclouded (well there will be layers I’m sure :D) … I’m still basking in the glory of Maha Shivratri and a lot of gentle swirling and shifting which I sense, whenever I’m a little still and silent. WOW! I’m so lucky because I noticed your kind offer very last moment and felt so wonderful, just by sharing with you and that’s why I could celebrate and offer my puja the Maha Shivratri with a single consciousness. And that’s made a whole difference I guess. My heart is thankful. It bows to you. Namaste Deeya.”