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The Seeker

sunset-image“Kindle my Heart’s Flame with Thy Flame; Sadaguru, Kindle my Heart’s Flame with Thine. Immortal Soul, ‘O Divine Guru; Our lives at Thy Feet we Surrender; Sadaguru, Kindle my Heart’s Flame with Thine!” “Kindle my Heart’s Flame of Love with Thy Flame of Love and Wisdom” is the Love-Call of the seeker to the Sat Guru, who is the embodiment of God’s Love and Wisdom in human form.

The seeker is beseeching the Divine in human form to Ignite the Divine Fire of LOVE within his or herself. For the Lover, the Flame is Love. For others, this requested Flame is Chitshakti, or the Energy of Consciousness, also known as Shakti or Kali, and for others, it is Wisdom, or Jnana.

The seeker knows he or she is in darkness, depression and unable to fully Love, and instinctively calls to God and Guru to Awaken the Light of Love and Truth within one’s own Heart. The seeker tells God that they know they cannot Light the Light themselves, and so seeks the Love and Wisdom of God to grant the boon of Awakening to them.

Because they have been Graced to begin to see the Guru’s True Nature of Love-Bliss-Consciousness, they Surrender themselves, their egos, their minds and spirits to the principle that will Liberate them through the Guru’s Grace.

This page and it’s accompanying and forthcoming website (www.KindleMyHeartsFlame.org) is dedicated to Awaken the Heart’s Flame in all who join in by arousing the Spiritual Guidance of the Ramana Lineage and others, and infusing all who join our activities with the Flame of Love/Bliss/Wisdom.

Simply stated, all who join here through sincere Service and Surrender ask the Guru’s Lineages to make their Hearts’ receptive to igniting the particular Flame required within, whether of Love, Grace, Wisdom, or of Bliss through a Universal Shaktipat.

Our focused efforts each Friday, carried the whole week through, are to be directed and dedicated towards Love, Devotion, Service, and Surrender in order to prepare the soil, as it were. Shaktipat will plant the seeds of Awakening.


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