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The Spiritual Heart

heart-imageThe Spiritual Heart of any One of us, is the SAME as the Spiritual Heart of All.

The Love of the Divine is the SAME in everyone; and the Divine Love of God falls EQUALLY on All.

But one’s Heart must be open to FEEL it, to receive it. Let us All open our Hearts now and at our Devotional Gatherings.

Today’s Gathering is dedicated for, and devoted to, World Peace, to appreciating the Unity within our Diversity.

After all, we All share in the SAME Breath. And we All ultimately seek to Realize the SELF-SAME wonder…

The wonder that is the Flame of Everlasting Love

How Can I Ever Express Thee?

How can I ever express Thee, ‘O Lover Divine? YOU are my aching quiver, My arch entwine. The bow YOU fired into my Heart, Struck me most gently, Yet tore it apart. Ripped at the seams, Gushing with Splendour, Loving me Truly, Loving me Tender. YOUR warm embrace touching my face, YOUR Love like Thunder… Continue Reading


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