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How Can I Ever Express Thee?

AniCandleHow can I ever express Thee,
‘O Lover Divine?
YOU are my aching quiver,
My arch entwine.

The bow YOU fired into my Heart,
Struck me most gently,
Yet tore it apart.

Ripped at the seams,
Gushing with Splendour,
Loving me Truly,
Loving me Tender.

YOUR warm embrace touching my face,
YOUR Love like Thunder …
I Am cast asunder.

Sparkling and dancing,
YOUR light-beams diffuse,
Sumptuous, suffuse
And resplendent,
Only upon YOU Am I dependent.

Caught in a landslide of Perfect At-One-ment,
Awestruck with Wonder,
That that’s what ‘ALL’ meant.

YOU are My One,
Bright as The Sun,
Alone WE are no-one,
Together …
AS everyone.

Melting and heaving,
Closer than close,
To YOU ALONE … I Am adhering.

~ Deeya


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