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‘Asha Deep’ means ‘Light of Hope.’

Deeya is a founding member of Asha Deep Health Care & Welfare* which is a free service, fostering faith and hope in some of the India’s poorest communities. The Service provides life-enhancing surgical operations (such as cleft palate and burn repairs) mainly on children. The first clinic opens in India 2014. *(name to be confirmed)

How Your Donation Could Help

children-imageIn time, upon establishment of a separate website (under construction), donated funds will go directly toward the project and to growing a worldwide center of Love and Healing. The Service and the extensive resources available to you through the Community, Kindle My Heart’s Flame, are provided entirely FREE and with Deeya’s Love. However, Deeya does recognize the need of others in wishing to show their appreciation. Therefore, in the meantime, you are welcome to contribute, should your Heart so feel, toward alternative charities very close to Deeya’s Heart. Such voluntary offerings will be accepted and received with immense Gratitude.


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“Never forget the most important thing, Love, Compassion and Humility. For this is who you really are. Our Mission on This Earth is to be of Service to Humanity.” ~ Robert Adams


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