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heart-imageThe Importance of Prayer, Faith, Love and Service

When we first begin to inquire into our true nature by wondering who we really are, such introspection can highlight the suffering within ourselves and others.

The alleviation of suffering is often what attracts seekers to seek in the first instance, and a question always asked is: How can I address this suffering? How can I redress it and bring it into balance so that I may find peace and happiness in my life?

mother-imageMother Teresa

We all remember Mother Teresa (Mother) for the outstanding work She did in founding the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. The suffering She witnessed must have been horrific and non-stop, working as She did with the poorest of the poor – including those affected with debilitating illnesses such as leprosy.

What did Mother Teresa do that was so spectacular and made Her the spiritual giant we all love and recognize?

As I see it, She simply took notice of them. She SAW them. She refused to do nothing. For to see such suffering tore Her apart. She acted. And Mother gave sage advice that I have never forgotten. She said:

“The Fruit of Prayer is Faith; The Fruit of Faith is Love; The Fruit of Love is Service; The Fruit of Service is Peace” ~ Mother Teresa

But what does that really mean? Well to me, She is talking about the path of Radical Devotional Advaita.

She first speaks of the importance of prayer. Of speaking, beseeching, to a power, a presence, greater than what we believe ourselves to be.

scroll-quote-deeyaThe power of prayer should never be underestimated. In praying, we are building up a relationship, a communication with our own beingness. We are attending to it, nurturing ourselves as we do so. We are paying attention to and being aware of our innermost feelings, hopes and aspirations for ourselves and for others. As we do this, we become ever-more watchful and observant of what is going on both within ourselves and in those around us.

The more we pray, that is, the more we keep our attention constantly on this power, the more this living, breathing essence will intensify within our beingness.

We SEE that we begin to change. Things begin to happen and shift. Effortlessly.

That is why prayer leads to faith. Because seeing positive results in your daily life and reflections will automatically build a faith and a trust in that mysterious, unknown power that you are coming to know, coming to remember.

You become ever-more faithful. You start to trust it, to trust this ‘something’ that you are steadily beginning to recognise. You begin to realize that you have within you infinite possibilities and potential.

And as you begin to develop faith based upon the prayerful relationship with your beingness, the seeds of Love are sown. Like nature intended.

oil-lamp-imageWhen you recognize, treasure, encourage and build upon the insights you are gaining, you begin to feel love building within. It’s natural that it is so – when you simply recognize it for what it is. And as you do this, you automatically want to give, to share, to relate to others. It’s our nature to be this way. Our true nature.

And if giving is with the correct attitude, that is, selflessly and without expecting anything in return, the love will, of course, be reciprocated. When you care for caring’s sake, and nothing else, the joy you feel is there, no matter what. You begin to awaken to the reality that you live, move and have your being in that power, as that power of love.

When those less fortunate can give nothing in return, you are doubly blessed with love. And it does not matter what you do, just do something out of compassion for someone else because you love and simply that.

yellow-rose-deeyaSometimes a ‘phone call is all that’s needed to lift someone up. A meal shared with an elderly neighbour; soup served in a homeless shelter or blankets donated to a dog’s home. As Mother said;

“We can do no great things, only small things with great Love.” ~ Mother Teresa

The point is… devote yourself to whatever you can, with whatever you can, whenever you can. Even if all you can do is clean toilets. Why? Because in serving others in humility, there you WILL uncover peace.

“All of life is sacred and all of life is YOU, the eternal Spirit. You just need to recognize it… and to recognize it, you need to practice it.” ~ Deeya

In serving others, you are simply serving your own Self, the same Self you discovered when you began by having faith in YOU and building that power through prayer, that is, communing and attuning with your beingness.

With this simple recipe of Mother’s – Prayer, Faith, Love and Service – you have all the ingredients to bake Earth Peace through Self Peace.2-red-candles-image

‘To Know Thyself’ is to commune with thyself.

When you are just being, you ARE Peace.

You have cultivated a clarity of mind that has moved beyond fear and separation and into compassion and community. So, regularly make time to sit and blend with that essence of your beingness. Devote yourself to That. Unfold and harmonize the various levels of your beingness.

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This is what carried Mother through the suffering of sentience. It can carry you too. See everyone as YOU. For the Divine is in all things, and all things are in the Divine.

Stop, look and listen. SMILE.

“You must BE the change you wish to SEE in the world. There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way… and my greatest weapon is mute Prayer.” ~ Gandhi

This is the Essence of Radical Devotional Advaita …and it begins with YOU.



Mahatma Gandhi“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Gandhi (short video clip)

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“Devote yourself to whatever you can, with whatever you can, whenever you can” ~ Deeya


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