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Our Next Facebook Event will be a

LIVE Silent Transmission of Healing Light & Love

~ Igniting Heart’s Flames ~

Date To Be Announced


This free global online gathering will take place on Spreecast.

Remember, it is your heart’s pure intention to connect with us, wherever you are in the world, that is more important than the actual timing. So join us energetically for an hour whenever you can*

For conversion of the day and time of our next gathering, wherever you are, see :


 Should you have a special Prayer or Healing request, please make Contact with Deeya.

This Service is entirely free ‘though donations are received with much Appreciation and Love.
Should you like to make an Offering, please feel free to do so.


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“Every year, 35,000 children in India are born with clefts.”







“Meet it in the heart of resolution.” ~ Deeya


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Copyright © Deeya 2013 All Rights Reserved | Design: www.ArtoftheAngels.com

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