LIVE Devotional Satsang Events

Live Devotional Satsang Events


With my Deepest Heart I encourage you to come along and Devote yourself to The Divine, to each other, and to our Just Cause, at Your Kindle My Heart’s Flame Community Gathering.


“Ancient Lovers never forget

the echo of each other’s Hearts.

An ocean of lifetimes may pass

but still, in the end,

your Heart guides you Home”

~ Deeya


To Enquire About the Next Live Devotional Satsang Events

Please Contact Deeya Here


 We Gather Together

to Commune in Love,

to Kindle Our Heart’s Flames

The following chants are recommended for use before the broadcast.

Please download to your computer and listen to them before you join.


 Arati Sadguru

I Will Sing Thy Name


Our world, our humanity, is in need of healing, caring, sharing… rejuvenation for our future generations. For that, your Community, your world needs YOU. And you are needed now. You who through Devotion and Servitude to humanity will become so filled with the Bhaktic spirit of Life and pulse of Love through our connection that your Hearts will heal those people, those animals, those hurting, those homeless, those hungry. Come Devote yourself to our Just Cause and together we’ll watch our world change. Come BE the Conscience of Consciousness and feel how deep your Love really goes… And tell your friends to join too!


“Let’s spread our Light of Love by growing our Community of sharing and caring.”




Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om.

Devoted to YOUR Presence,



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