Kindling Our Flame Further


As a Community ignited by the living spark of our collective aspiration toward greater love, caring and sharing. I have some kindling to offer you …

What if there were a means of easily, altogether naturally, yet profoundly. Of connecting with, of animating, enlivening and of deepening your spiritual practice?

Everyone’s. And I mean everyone’s.

A means whereby you will not only be inspired toward further opening and expansion of your hearts. But a means by which, given time, will so fill you with the Bhaktic Spirit of devotion and servitude, that your soul will be ablaze, emitting a torch of tremendous light.

Every one of you reading this is a natural healer. Really.

Healing Through Kindling

Healing is an ancient art, an innate, inherent ability. A ‘practice’ in and of itself that offers all of us access to the most readily available and wholly natural means of attuning. Of blending and communing, of being in such unison with the Divine, that flows of loving and caring, of devoting and serving are discovered, tapped into, enjoyed, poured out and known to go soooo far deeper than you could ever have felt possible.

Now meet the approach that I personally recommend we adopt – Quantum Touch (

And I guide you here because this practice effected a deep healing for me upon my discovering it more than a dozen years ago. It was then, and continues to be, fundamental in my ongoing spiritual journey. So I truly know that it can and that it will, with skilled and nurturing guidance, take you into realms of pure, adorational, entirely selfless, love. Easily and effectively.

Those realms are already there of course … provided we can subdue the kind of mind activity that veils them. Quantum Touch is a perfect instrument to aid in revealing those.

The Magnitude of Quietude

A simple yet elegant approach, Quantum Touch facilitates this magnitude of quietude hence allowing the energetic mechanism to entirely unwind and relax into the ease of both healing yourself and those you care about. It’s profound yet subtle power and impact are offered solely through your heart’s loving intent, a felt attitude of gratitude and your holistic, helping hands.

But it’s so much more than just a practice. More than a meditative space. More than healing. It’s a key to a door. It’s an unlocking of YOU. A journey into yourself that holds within it’s way, the potentiality of triggering your quickening. Your awakening to the centre of your being.

It’s an opportunity to recognize and to touch, your essential true nature. The I Am of you, which when you are quiet, receptive and open enough, will reveal itself by itself. And you will live in and from the heart of the one heart of awareness to enjoy nectarous, blissful and boundless peace. Peace beyond all description.

And, just like Kindle My Heart’s Flame, Quantum Touch is a Community of huge heart lights who are there to nurture and support each other in the Spirit of human camaraderie, kindness and compassion. They welcome you, our Kindle My Heart’s Flame Community, with open arms.

The icing on the cake is that, at the very kind invitation of Swami Chetanananda, Deeya Siddhi will be giving an introduction to the Quantum Touch practice at His beautiful Community Ashram, The Movement Center, in Oregon:

To register your interest in this gathering please contact Deeya Siddhi.