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Chanting for God

Allow your Heartfelt DEVOTION to be the potion that frees you from the mind-ocean!

It is of vital importance that as you listen to the chanting, you FEEL for the vibration it engenders arising from WITHIN you. Allow yourself to join and become at one with the chanting. FEEL it as much as you possibly can. Recognize it, attune with it. Blend and commune with it. Allow it to take you completely. Absorb yourself it in entirely. After this, be in Silence with The Divine for some time.

“Chant the Name of the Lord and His Glory unceasingly, That the mirror of the Heart may be wiped clean And quenched that mighty forest fire, Worldly lust, raging furiously within. O Name, stream down in moonlight on the Lotus Heart, Opening its cup to Knowledge of Thyself. O self, drown deep in the waves of His Bliss, Chanting his Name continually, Tasting His Nectar at every step, Bathing in His Name, that bath for weary souls. In each and every Name Thy power resides. No times are set, no rites are needful, For chanting of Thy Name, So vast is Thy Mercy.”

Sri Chaitanya

Gayatri Hymn


Om Namah Shivaya


Open Hearts


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Receive uplifting healing sound & music through heart-led expression.

“May Thy Light vanish darkness forever Sataguru, Kindle My Heart’s Flame with Thine.”

“The whole of the teaching, the transmission, is contained in the bhajan.”

 Nisargadatta Maharaj

Tasting Divine Bliss in Different Ways

Enjoying Live Morning Bhajan in Hawaii

by Ranjit Maharaj

Afternoon/Evening Bhajan Live in Mumbai

by Nisargadatta Maharaji


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