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Listen to Other’s Open Hearts …

Listen to the beauty full Mary and the deep ‘ArunaCharlie,’ both highly devotional souls, sing and strum their Hearts out for Our Community.

Listen in Joy here …  The Gift That Keeps Giving

And listen here …  Mary Sings Psalm 91

Thank you to both of you  :-)

Kindling Our Flame Further …

As a Community ignited by the living spark of our collective aspiration toward greater love, caring and sharing. I have some kindling to offer you … What if there were a means of easily, altogether naturally, yet profoundly. Of connecting with, of animating, enlivening and of deepening your spiritual practice? Everyone’s. And I mean everyone’s.… Continue Reading

Desireless Devotion

Bhagawan Nityananda on ‘Desireless Devotion’ ~ Nityananda used to say that the true reward for genuine Devotion (Bhakti) was a still greater dose of pure ‘Desireless Devotion’ (Para-Bhakti) and not material prosperity or social success. Devotion is not for the enjoyment of worldly happiness. This Devotion is not for getting rid of worldly difficulties. There… Continue Reading

The Collective Power of Our Love & the Grace of Our Maha Shivratri Event

A “depressed and very anxious” member of Our Community is helped through the Collective Power of Our Love. And by the Grace of Our Maha Shivratri Event. “Thanks :) I now feel very naturally happy, healthy, and positive. Not like some profuse amount of healing energy which surrounds, like a protective bubble temporarily and then… Continue Reading

Safety of Abiding in the Presence of God

To all Kindle My Heart’s Flame followers in tumultuous and dangerous countries. Please know that Deeya hears and feels your fears and sufferings deeply, and bares them in her own heart as her own. For you all, I offer this message of safety and protection, one that carried me above the fray when I was… Continue Reading

The Heart of The Hill

Ramakrishna Swami, a long-standing devotee, asked Sri Bhagavan the meaning of a stanza in ” The Five Hymns to Arunachala “.Sri Bhagavan explained it in detail, saying that the Universe is like a painting on a screen — the screen being the Red Hill Arunachala. That which rises and sinks is made up of what… Continue Reading

Community Newsletter ~ January 2014 ~

Newsletter   Continue Reading

Any Soul That Drank the Nectar …

Any soul that drank the Nectar of your passion was lifted. From that water of life he is in a state of elation. Death came, smelled me, and sensed your fragrance instead. From then on, death lost all hope of me. … So many of you in Our Community ask Deeya ~ Where do I… Continue Reading

Radical Devotional Advaita ~ The Recommended Daily Practice ~

Read and ponder just one paragraph of the meditation manual, ‘The Nisargadatta Gita,’ until you feel ready to move on to the next. Take your time. The manual can be found on this page ~ Regularly immerse yourself in the Afternoon/Night Bhajan found by scrolling down to ‘Tasting Divine Bliss in Different Ways’ here… Continue Reading

Trust Love

So many of you in our Kindle My Heart’s Flame Community of caring have shared with me in these last few weeks. You have been describing to me all that you’ve come into awareness of and all that you have been experiencing as we sit with open hearts and minds in our togetherness during each… Continue Reading


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